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Shorts Club
Exclusive designs and styles delivered to your door every month
Just $35 a Month!
Stevie Mitosinka Thomas
 Love my shorts of the month. Comfortable, easy to move in, and awesome designs!!
Lisa Rigdon
 I adore my Wonder Woman compression pants!
Finally, The Sickest Workout Shorts On The Market Delivered To Your Door Every Month... For Nearly Half Off
(Yeah you read that right)
LiveSore present our awesome Shorts of the Month Club Program!

We created this out of a HUGE DEMAND from our Ambassadors & LiveSore Nation to have a new fresh pair of shorts each month before anyone else could get their hands on them!

No confusing bells or whistles, just awesome gear delivered to you each month at a rock bottom price!

How could we refuse our Friends? We couldn’t!! Beyond that, many wanted a matching shirt to go along with it, so we’ve given you 2 options for a ridiculously low price!
So what can you get
with the shorts club?
Woman Shorts
Varierty | Variety | Variety

Ladies, we will vary the types of shorts throughout the year, meaning you can expect to sometimes receive booty shorts, speed shorts, marble shorts and perhaps even capris!

It's a surpise everytime!
Mens Shorts
We didn't forget about you guys! 

Men's boxes will gave varied short options through the year aswell! You can expect to find Wod shorts, Girthy Bananas, Middies, and the like.
Even Matching Shirts Every Month
We like to keep things simple for you! 

You can also choose to recieve a matching shirt! We’re keeping that “simple”, for only $15 you can add an ultra high quality super soft comfy matching tshirt each month to match your new shorts! Who wouldnt want that!?

I'm mean we can't let you be miss matched while you train now can we?
What are you waiting for?
Click the button below, set up your subscription and get exclusive designs and styles delivered to your door EVERY month like clockwork!
This Month's
Happy Valentines! We Had So Many Requests For This Combo!!

February Shorts Club design is the amazing launch of our incredibly awesome "Pink & Black Shorts"! After having so many friends ask us to come out with this cool combo, we knew February was exactly the right month to do it!! 

Yup, our Club Members get them 1st before they go to retail and you get them at 40% OFF what our retail pricing would be!  

Remember, "Real Men Rock Pink" and this design was just too awesomely fitting for February & Valentines Month! Now as a Club Member you can have these before anyone else and at incredibly low club pricing!

Now also check out that awesome matching tshirt for just $15 more (FREE SHIPPING)... White & Pink Strike Through design! We kept the design basic and clean but it screams exactly what you're about... for $15 why would you not own this awesome Tshirt (again before anyone else can get it)!?

Do not miss out on this Exclusive Black & Pink Launch & catch the massive savings!!
Get A Better Look At This Months Exclusive Design!
Corey Miller
I love the newest shorts from last month!
Kerry Chabot
The camo shorts are my favorite! Very comfy, & great for WODs
How Does
the shorts club work?
We've made it as simple as simple as possible (just three steps) for you to get the dopest athletic shorts to your door EVERY MONTH!
Step 1: Pick Your Fit
Look at the sizing charts below and pick the fit that works best for you!
Step 2: Choose your box
Just choose from the selections below for your monthly club subscription so you get everything you want!
Step 3: Get Dope gear
Get the dopest athletic shorts on the market before anyone else, delivered to your door!
Sizing Charts
choose your
favorite monthly option!
United States Domestic Options
Shorts only
Shirt & shorts
International Options
Shorts only
Shirt & shorts
custom made,
made to order
Our Short Clube shorts are custom hand made each month to order. 

So that means if it’s the January order, we take all subscribers (new & current) for the calendar month (Jan 1-31st) then go immediately into production. These custom first run exclusive shorts takes approximately 3 weeks to produce (since we need to know each size of each Club Member & order accordingly) then we ship them directly to you. So the January Shorts will ultimately arrive around the end of February. 

We realize this isn’t “speedy”, however due to the custom production and unique sizing for Club Members per month, this is the most effective way to do this!

The perks of being a Shorts Club member is that you get to be the FIRST to have these exclusive designs since they are not on retail, plus you get them at 40% OFF normal retail pricing. 
we're even
throwing in some bonuses
We figured what's the point of shorts a "shorts" club if we only give you shorts? In true LiveSore fashion, we had to throw in some extra swag!
bonus #1
Your own 10% of Coupon Code
Again, you read right! Just for becoming a Live Sore Shorts Club member we're giving you your own 10% off coupon code that's good store wide anytime, all the time! I mean who does that?
bonus #2
Private Live Sore FB Group
To make things even sweeter, we’ll add you to our Private FB Members group where you can see upcoming designs, help decide on future designs, get exclusive sales/deals, and of course just share in the awesome energy of 100’s of other LiveSore crazies! You're literally helping pick the shorts you get!
Deirdra Mayon
I Love These!
Jerico P.
Awesome shorts!
What if I have to change my size?
change sizing at any time should you need to simply by emailing

Of course once the calendar month ends we’ll have submitted the size you had listed but can change for future months.
Not that you'll want to but what if I have to cancel?
If you choose, you can also cancel at any time by also emailing
Do you have larger shorts?
Yes! Men who might want size 40 or even 42, please email to let us know and we can help with that as well!
Is this shirt the same as Shirt Of The Month Club?
No, This club is completely separate from the LiveSore Tshirt of the Month Club and has nothing to do with each other. 

If you chose the Shorts & Shirt Combo in this club it will be a totally different shirt design from our TSOTMC.
Can I return these?
We do allow for returns, you will want to email for instructions.
 Will these make me more awesome?
You're already pretty damn awesome, our badass gear will simply enhance your awesomeness!

Can I share this offer?
Please do, our goal is to hook as many awesome individuals up as possble!
 Is my payment information secure?
Yes, we are a very established company doing several million in sales per year and our online payment processor is fully secured and safe.
a message
from the Family
LiveSore is a mentality, philosophy, & lifestyle for those who train at life & “Embrace the Pain” as their badge of honor from the result of strongwork!

LiveSore started as more of a mentality than anything else a couple of years back. The idea that if you put in the work your body will let you know you’ve done well and shows you this by being “sore”. 

This philosophy is something that we believe should be glorified as “success” and as such we decided to build a Lifestyle Brand around this simple concept.

Our Slogan is simple and to the point “Embrace the Pain”

Anyone who is active, who trains, who works out, who struggles, who pushes, and who is dedicated can most definitely relate to this. It is after all what helps those of you who “train through the pain” get the results you seek.
If this sounds like you,
welcome to the family
Get your shorts before anyone else!
Click the button below, set up your  subscription and get exclusive designs and styles delivered to your door EVERY month like clockwork!
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